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About us

Since its inception E-Planet has been dedicated in providing genuine counselling and professional services to the aspirants of study abroad. With the excellent service of one decade, E-Planet is one of the leading educational institutions in Nepal.

When we look back, the trust that we got throughout the years has been the major asset and seed of consistent growth. By the time we have established three branches in Nepal, two in Australia (Sydney & Perth) and adding one more in Adelaide as well. Our extended services has always been beneficial in the part of students.

Our key facts

  • Huge team to facilitate your abroad study processing.
  • Experienced counselors and documentation officers.
  • Dedicated for your success to count on our mileage.
  • 4 Branches in Nepal and 3 in Australia to address your issues.
  • QEAC Qualified and MARA Certified counselors
  • Partnered with several Universities and Institutions abroad

Most asked questions and answers

E-Planet Innovator

1How is E-Planet different from others?

We at E-Planet, ensure that you get the best service, complete consultancy and guidance on abroad education. And to achieve this we have:

  • A group of specialized team for every department pursuing high level of professional ethics.

  • Dedicated teams where in make sure that our students get the best they deserve.

The information we provide you in context to the socio-economic livelihood and the education is not only limited to the official statements but from the personal experiences of the students there as well.

2Which countries does E-Planet specialize in?

E-Planet is specialized for Australian Education from last 12 years.

3How will I be benefited being enrolled at E-Planet?

We take care of:

  • Letting you get into the best option available
  • Entire processing
  • Odd hours work
  • Last moment adjustments (if needed)
  • Pre-departure briefing
4Is Pre-departure briefing important? How does E-Planet prepare students for pre-departure?
Pre-departure information is most important as it prepares you mentally for the best and the hard times. Keeping patience at times or reacting to a situation promptly the way it comes both are must in a foreign land. We let our students know about the jobs that are easily available at their place and ask them to get some trainings for the same. We let you know about the life and the society there along with what you should do and what you shouldn’t.
5What is the office hour of E-Planet?

The office hours are from 7 am to 6 pm. We also work at odd hours depending on feasibility of your schedule.

Mr. Nayan Lammichhane

Executive Chairman

MBA – University of Technology, Sydney,
MBA – Marketing- Skkim Manipal University,
BBS- Tribhuvan University,
QEAC- I301, ITAC-0342

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