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Welcome to e-planet

Hi every one! Warm greetings and a hearty welcome from E-Planet!
Days come and days go; ages approach and wither away. But reputation which comes from the core of quality remains unchallenging for ever. It’s the thing E-Planet has always been desiring and thus fulfilling since inception. The trend of moving abroad for higher education is ever increasing and E-Planet is able to offer a wide selection of  quality institutions in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK. With many years’ of experience in the field, we have come across many dissapointed students who have been ill advised and ill-matched with the courses. To fulfil their dreams, students have turned to E-Planet's for professional services; seeking for Education guidance and assistance with visa issues. 

Our team of well qualified counsellors together with experienced managerial executives offering ethical and professional advice has helped us to build E-Planet's reputation to-date which has earned us the respect, good name and fame in the field.

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Study Abroad

Usually, for most Universities and colleges the year begins in late August or early September and ends in May or June. The academic year is divided into semesters, trimesters or quarter depending on the institution. The semester system divides the year into 2 equal terms of 16 weeks. Each semester is 4 months. Trimester system has three equal terms of 16 weeks each, including a summer term. Quarter system divides the year into 3 equal terms of 11 weeks each. Classes are lecture-based with practical (lab or practicum in U.S). Overhead projector, computer projections, multimedia are used along with the lectures. Printed notes and additional information on topics (Handouts in U.S) are given. 

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Anjana Khatri

In today’s time students visit numeral consultancies but if I were to be honest I didn’t do so and truly don’t even regret the fact because I knew there couldn’t be any better consultancy to satisfy my queries and process my application than ‘E-planet’. Initially, I was indeed apprehensive about my application but since I was at the right consultancy I knew there was nothing to fear. Hence, I would honestly take this opportunity to express my gratitude for high quality of service provided by the extremely amiable, dedicated, qualified and trustworthy staffs at E-planet. I was highly impressed by the prompt and courteous way the staffs dealt with my endless queries both by phone and mails. I would sincerely recommend every ambitious and concerned student to at least visit E-planet once. Truly highly commendable job! Anjana Khatri, University of technology Sydney

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